Industrial Drum Heaters for Spray Rigs and Trailers

We Are the Exclusive Dealer of the Barrel Blazer® Heating System

At SprayWorks, we design and manufacture 55-gallon drum heaters and other industrial drum warmers for your operations. SprayWorks is always looking for ways to improve cost and the way contractors manufacture and process spray foam and coating materials. The #1 most common tech calls in the fall, winter and spring seasons are a direct result of cold material. When your material gets cold it thickens in viscosity.

When contractors try to process cold material, this can create a domino effect – the transfer pump fails to deliver material to the machine when it needs it, the machine goes off ratio, pressure sensors shut down the machine, error codes appear, the spray gun crosses over, and the applicator has sprayed a bad shot of material. At this point nobody is working until all is corrected resulting in hours of lost time and money.

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